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Transfer of Ownership of an Ad Account from a Business Manager Account

If you are trying to transfer the ownership of a Facebook Ads Manager account from one Facebook Business Manager Account to another, you have come to the right place.

Is it possible to do that?

The easiest and shortest answer is, no. Once a Facebook Business Manager Account claims the ownership of an ad account, the ad account permanently belongs to it. There is no option to transfer the ownership from one Business Manager to another. There is a workaround to this but the steps involved are a bit complex and unconventional.

How to get the ad account ownership transferred?

Let me be blunt and tell you that this method requires you to delete the existing business manager account that currently owns the ad account. If you are not willing to do that, you can stop reading this right here.
Again, this method will only work if you had made this ad account using a personal Facebook account. It won’t work if it was made under a business manager account.

Things to consider before you proceed to delete your Business Manager Account

Once you delete your Business Manager, this action can’t be reversed. When you delete a business, you also delete the content that you’ve created and managed.

When you delete a business, it permanently erases:

  • Event source groups
  • Asset library
  • Projects

When you delete your business, Facebook will also remove any access you have to other business assets, such as their Pages, ad accounts and Facebook pixels. Any permissions that you’ve shared with another business will also be removed.


  • Pages: Pages added to your Business Manager can be moved to a different Business Manager or back to the personal profile of the Page owner. For example, if someone has shared access to their Page with you, that Page gets reverted to their personal profile. Likewise, if you created the Page yourself, it gets reverted to your personal profile.
  • Ad accounts: When you delete your Business Manager, any ad accounts associated with your Business Manager are permanently deleted.

All people with roles in your Business Manager retain their assigned level of permission to each Page and ad account. To continue working on Pages and ad accounts, people should use their personal Facebook account to access them.


Before you begin

You must be an admin of the Business Manager you want to delete.

Delete your Business Manager

To delete your Business Manager:


  1. Open Business settings.
  2. Click Business info.
  3. Click Permanently Delete Business and follow the on-screen instructions.

When you delete your Business Manager Account, the ad account will get transferred to the personal account that created the account. You can now take ownership of this ad account to another Business Manager account if needed.



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