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Organic Marketing

Rank your website on the first page of Search Engines and start generating leads organically. We will find high volume keywords based on your business and will work towards attracting maximum potential customers to your website.

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Build A Loyal Customer Base & Generate
Revenue Organically

To optimize your website for search engines is today a necessity in order to generate quality leads or enquiries for your website. This process is totally organic and is entirely dependent on the quality and authenticity of your website. Put simply, for a consumer brand or any B2B enterprise operating within a regional context, it is imperative to get their websites ranked on the first page of Google and preferably amongst the top three search results to generate enough traffic to their website and in turn, acquire quality leads.

Today, as more and more business transactions are happening online owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is vital to have a prominent online presence to ensure the sustainability of your enterprise. As per recent trends, over 75% of people never scroll past the first page on Google whenever they are looking for information on services or products, 93% of all online experience irrespective of the search intent begins with a search engine and over 60,000 searches are being carried out on Google every second of which more than 58% are from Mobile devices.

The stats mentioned above simply shows that having an effectively functioning website along with consistent updates made to it based on the parameters on which Google ranks every website cannot be ignored by businesses any longer. Being a Search Engine Optimization Company in Cochin, we at Abe Communications have a team of SEO experts who would engage with your team & prepare a pathway for your digital transformation to begin. From website audit to competitor research, keyword research to website content generation, link building to local search optimization & more, we work to ensure that your website gets listed on the first page of Google with minimum investment.

Why Invest In SEO IN 2021?

The services you get from us as a Search Engine Optimization Company in Cochin are aligned to get the following benefits.

Enhanced Visibility

Being listed on the first page of Google will directly result in more visibility amongst prospective searchers who are in the online space researching about the products or services they are interested in. Your website on the first page of Google will result in receiving more traffic to your website which is the first step towards successfully ensuing a business transaction.

Trust & Authority

As Google only ranks trustworthy websites with resourceful information on the top of their search results, your presence on the top via our guidance will ensure a lasting impression on your present clients and well as on those who would engage in search queries related to the services and products you offer.

Increase In Sales

More traffic to your website does not automatically mean that there would be an increase in sales. Searchers who are redirected to your website must spend enough time to learn about your products or services so that they can make an informed decision. Our work is aimed at keeping searches engaged with your website and guide them on a journey that would lead to an actual investment pertaining to the goals of your business.

Cost Effective

The services we render are in relation to the needs and requirements of our clients. Our clients are encouraged to pick the services that they would need at the initial stage as a measure to test our skill set. We are not an agency, unlike many others who would demand that your entire digital presence be overhauled for an exorbitant fee. We aim to build a level of trust with our clients and engage in meaningful discussions regarding the future scope of work in a phased manner.

Our Range of
Search Engine Optimization Services

If you’ve been actively searching for a company that is renowned for SEO services in Kerala, then you’ve found yourself the perfect partner. With close to a decade of expertise in the domain, we at Abe Media can help you rise to the top positions with our dedicated Search Engine Optimization services.

Competitor Analysis

To stay ahead of the competition is key to be a successful business enterprise. We analyze the digital presence of your competitors who are successful in the online space and would work towards implementing a strategy based on the best practices as defined by Google to get ranked higher than your fellow enterprises.

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Keyword Analysis

This process involves identifying the top set of keywords in relation to the search queries associated with the services and or products that your business offers. This is an integral aspect of SEO as it would help generate pages based on high-ranking keywords so that it would be showcased on the first page of Google.

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Content Optimization

SEO and Content go hand in hand. Once the Keyword Research is completed, we would proceed with generating optimized content for your website. Gone are the days when stuffing keywords would have ensured that your website gets ranked higher. Today, it is an art involving strategic placement of keywords as part of long-form content with valuable information for your potential clients to digest.

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On-Page SEO

This aspect of SEO deals with the technical aspects wherein we would implement the fundamental yet essential elements like Meta tags, URLs, Header tags, Schema markups, Alt tags and Image tags. This is going to be helpful for the Google crawlers to identify if the website is housing information based on a particular search query.

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Off-Page SEO

While On-Page SEO deals with aspects related to the content and the technical structure of your website, Off-Page SEO primarily involves the effort taken outside of your website like social sharing, guest posting, social bookmarking, link building and blog directory submissions among others. These aspects act as good indicators for Google to identify the fact that there are numerous mentions of your brand, both directly and indirectly across the web, adding more value to your website.

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an integral tool to measure the performance of the website and to gather information regarding the flow of traffic from multiple sources. We can help incorporate Google Analytics into your website to enable data collection, analysis, monitoring and reporting.

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